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Embedded web services software platform with the performance and network efficiency of a custom client/server solution, enabling real-time control.

Galixsys Networks conceives and develops software technologies and systems for the embedded IT, or "smart devices" market. In addition to developing new embedded IT technologies, Galixsys Networks provides services to adapt the technology to specific platforms. Further, services are provided to create, integrate and maintain these embedded IT devices along with any required IT infrastructure. Adaptable to the Machine-to-Machine (M2M) market and the "Internet of Things" (IoT) applications.

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Galixsys Networks
1144 Philip Dr
United States

Carla Seguban

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Introduction to Galixsys Networks
Introduction to Galixsys Networks

Galixsys Networks offers a unique software framework. Andromeda provides the flexibility of a custom TCP/IP application with the reliability and ease-of-integration of web technologies. It allows for a web client to be placed on a device, as opposed to only a web server, and with this client, devices themselves can initiate network operations.

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