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Web, Mobile and M2M software experts, with "Of-The-Shelf" (COTS) FFA, LBS, Personal Tracking, Telemetry, Telecontrol and M2M WEB-Supervisor.

Turn-Key applications, low-cost, very effective systems running on easy-to-use Cloud-Based back office systems.

Partners of Gemalto's Cinterion, Motorola (Android devices), RIM (BlackBerry devices), Nokia (J2ME devices), Microsoft (servers, cloud and windows mango/phone).

With partners and dealers like America Mobile, Nextel, Telefonica, Absolut Mobile Ar.

With cases with Wal-Mart, Cushman-Wakefield, Santander, Volkswagen and others.

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BIports Mobile Software

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BIports Mobile Software
150-160 City Road
Great Britain

Marcelo Galati

44 0 7501766046

Jean Beunardeau, 2023-06-12 01:16:04:
Greetings I desire to actualize with you a business deal. Please to further explore this possibility I would like you to contact me via my email address( to give you a brief description of my field of work and the project idea. Thank You, Prof. Jean Beunardeau