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CeTEC is your competent engineering partner within the range of the telematics, telemetry, tracking, wireless and even satellite data transmission.

CeTEC is an engineering lab with a strong focus on telemetry and telematic applications, systems and terminal devices.

Our core technologies are machine-to-machine communication via GSM cellular networks and GPS satellite navigation, but also "neighboring" technologies like RF-beacon tracking, internet GPRS & TCP/IP client-server communication, WLAN, bluetooth and IRDA (infrared) data transmission, especially to and from mobile devices.

To grant our customers a huge advantage regarding the R&D costs, project risks and R&D schedule ("time-to-market"), we have developed our own autonomous, hardware and software platforms for telemetry and telematic projects.

Based on our extremely flexible platforms, we can realize customer-specific projects and products needing only a small fraction of typical time and R&D costs of "completely from scratch" solution, without having to sacrifice the implementation of very specific customer needs, as one normally has to using standard "off the shelf" solutions.

The realization of working prototypes and feasibility studies based on these platforms often takes only a few days.

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CeTEC GmbH & Co KG
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