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Founded in 1989, Boston-based Cimetrics provides technology products, analytics, and professional services to improve the performance and benefits of buildings for their owners, managers, and occupants. Providing industry leadership in the burgeoning IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) arena, Cimetrics' early and continuing work on ASHRAE's BACnet helped its widespread adoption to become today's open standard for building-centric IIoT. Cimetrics' Analytika platform is a widely acclaimed model-based analytics platform that continuously monitors the performance of complex building systems to surface issues undermining peak performance. 

Cimetrics has been offering networking products for distributed monitoring and control systems since 1991.  We are best known for our industry-leading BACnet protocol stack (BACstac) and related software development products; these products have been used by many manufacturers of HVAC and lighting control products world wide.  Our BACnet routers and other integration products have been widely used by controls contractors and system integrators.

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Svetlana Lyons
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BACnet Explorer
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BACnet Protocol Stack
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We are Cimetrics
We are Cimetrics

Cimetrics offers you the leading 3rd party BACnet protocol stack, networking and metering products with the easiest setup in the industry, products implementing a wide choice of protocols (BACnet, Modbus, MS/TP, and OPC), and the deepest experience in the field. We released our first networking products in 1991, and have been deeply involved with BACnet since its beginning. This long experience with building systems, and the data they make available, has led to the development of a rich set of analytical tools for evaluating their performance, saving significant operating expense.

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