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Experts of "Situation Understanding" and "Internet of Things"

We are rapidly heading towards the realization of paradigms commonly described as ubiquitous computing, pervasive computing, ambient intelligence, or, more recently, "Internet of Things". 
These paradigms envision living environments pervaded by a high number of visible and invisible devices forming wireless networks, affecting and improving all aspects of our lives.

Perceiving the environment, understanding what those factors mean and might mean in the future can make a big difference on decision making. Again, we could be talking about automatic decisions taken by algorithms that optimize, say, energy consumption but we could also be facing harder problems and therefore need human decision making. In both cases pervasive, automatic and continuous situation awareness will be at the core of all these applications and products. 

Our company’s mission is to harness and interface all the new technologies that are taking us towards situation awareness (e.g. small and cheap sensors, wireless networks, high computing power, cheap and small energy sources) in order to convert the large number of available data into useful knowledge.

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