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Zone Defense manufactures mobile camera systems for heavy duty vehicles with the ability to view the cameras in real-time.

Your fleet safety is our vision. Zone Defense is the Original Design Manufacture for industrial grade, fully integrated vision systems for fleet owners, Original Equipment Manufacturers, upfitters, and telematics companies.

What makes us different is that we are not only the manufacture, but we also directly support our solutions and all our hardware meets or exceeds the industry standard. Zone Defense also offer private labeling options so you might not know our name, but there’s a good chance you use our safety and security solutions already.

As the manufacturer of mobile safety and security cameras, monitors, Advanced Driver Assistant Systems for accident avoidance, dash cameras, and Mobile Digital Video Recorders for accident recreation, asset trackers, and multiple accessories.

This is also why our complete line of cabled systems can integrate with most other vision system designed for fleet owners today including our competitors and the original camera system that your vehicle came equipped with.

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Zone Defense
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Tom Christopher
Business Development Manager

tim He, 2018-06-28 07:59:04:
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