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Intesyn supplies intelligent synergies for your business. We help innovate your products.

Intesyn is an Italian engineering company operating in ICT market.

Intesyn has solid competences in many telecom technologies. GSM, GPRS, UMTS as well as ADSL and Plain Old Telephone Service are the fields where we every day play.

Our customers ask us to help them develop their machine-to-machine applications or to innovate their products by the introduction of new technologies and the improvement of quality and reliability.

Intesyn produces evaluation kits and reference designs to speed up the deployment of new electronic technologies
ITB-SM is an example of evaluation kit for embedded GSM modules. ITB-SM are used and appreciated all over the world.

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Via Giovanni Falcone
Robecco sul Naviglio

Luca Lo Iacono

+39 02 9470945

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Intesyn 4Engine Software Tool
Intesyn 4Engine Software Tool

Intesyn introduces 4Engine, a unique software tool designed to help you make first steps with GSM, GPRS, UMTS, HSPA engines. Intesyn 4Engine is the best companion of your iTB-SM and now it's available in a free demo release working with wireless modules of different suppliers. 4Engine potentially works with any embedded GSM module or terminal. We are testing different devices and the list of supported engines is growing day by day. The available free demo release offers the support for a limited number of devices. You can check the updated list of supported engines or ask to add a particular device in the next release. 4Engine and iTB-SM help you in the evaluation process of a GSM wireless module, before you start any development of hardware or firmware.