IAR Systems, Secure Thingz and Renesas Electronics collaborate on solutions for reliable industrial IoT security

IAR Systems, a supplier of software tools and services for embedded development, Secure Thingz, a global domain provider in device security, embedded systems and lifecycle management, and (more…)

Micron collaborates with BMW to advance automotive memory technologies

Micron Technology, Inc., an industry provider in innovative memory and storage solutions, reports that it will collaborate with the BMW Group to further advance the development of automotive memory solutions used in vehicles. (more…)

Eseye and MikroElektronika launch AnyNet 3G-AA click in US to assist IoT developers

Eseye, a global cellular internet connectivity provider for Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and MikroElektronika, a producer and retailer of hardware and software tools for developing embedded systems, have launched their latest product for IoT developers innovating in the US. (more…)

How the core network will underpin 5G success

5G has long been the hot topic for discussion within the tech community. For many, the immediate association is that 5G, being a mobile technology, is defined by the radio network. But, says Ester Navarro, head of Telco Cloud product marketing at Nokia, we mustn’t forget something equally important – the core network. (more…)