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The IoT Platform Landscape

What are IoT Platforms
and why do we have them?

IoT Platform Layers

The huge range of IoT Platform products on the market makes assessing which one meets the needs of your enterprise correctly, a sizeable task.

For the first time, IoT Analyst house, Beecham Research, have identified 25 key indicators against which to independently evaluate the performance of these IoT Platforms.*

This free-of-charge tool provides all enterprises looking to adopt an IoT platform solution with an assessment of these indicators within 5 key groupings, offering a unique and more informed understanding of the IoT platform landscape.


The evaluation of Vendor products or services included in this service is based on a set of pre-determined criteria informed by data received from the Vendor and from independent sources as a cross check. The results of your search will provide the best match against your search criteria according to the Vendor evaluation. Whilst we aim for accuracy in the Vendor evaluation, we do not accept responsibility for any decision you make on the basis of the search results and it is for you to satisfy yourself that the Vendor you select is suitable for your requirements.

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An IoT platform is a software middleware suite that facilitates secure monitoring, control and analysis of device and sensor behaviour in the field. In essence, it provides an enabling layer between these connected devices/sensors and user applications. There are two main parts of a complete IoT platform – the part that manages the physical connectivity to the devices and other systems to ensure that essential data is collected (the Connectivity Management platform), and the part that processes the data (the Application Enablement platform). Although both parts are required for an IoT solution they are often provided by different vendors, reflecting their specific expertise.

The aim of an IoT platform is to reduce the time and cost of getting new IoT solutions built and implemented. There are several layers to an IoT solution and these are becoming increasingly complex as the market develops. The IoT platform takes advantage of the fact that the majority of what is needed in IoT solutions is the same and does not need to be redeveloped for every application. At least 80% of IoT solutions are made from common parts, so can be predesigned and made available through an IoT platform. The platform then also provides the means for customising and configuring the solution for a specific application need.

Application Development Layer
Data Management (Storage - Orchestration - Analytics)
Device Management
Communication Service Layer
Networks / Infrastructure
Sensors - Actuators - Devices - Gateways

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