Bill Ingle of Beecham Research

AI and IoT: A very brief introduction

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Artificial Intelligence (AI), loosely defined as seemingly intelligent behavior exhibited by machines, is a deep topic with a long history. It encompasses multiple technologies, tools, and applications. Its existence raises important philosophical and societal concerns. (more…)


PTC gives IoT Now a glimpse inside AMRC’s Factory 2050

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The UK’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) was formed in 2001 as a cooperative initiative between the University of Sheffield and Boeing. With Boeing having a requirement to provide work back into the UK following a Ministry of Defence order for both Apache attack helicopters and C17 cargo aircraft, the aerospace giant discovered that it could meet its requirements more efficiently by funding research and development rather than pure employment. (more…)


China Telecom and China Unicom certify u-blox NB-IoT modules

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u-blox, a global provider of wireless and positioning modules and chips, announced that its SARA-N2 NB-IoT modules have successfully completed AVL certification with China Telecom and validation with China Unicom. (more…)

Florian Douetteau, CEO of Dataiku

Dataiku releases new central hub for enterprise analytics, machine learning and data science

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With a wide range of new and improved features aimed at making data science, machine learning, and advanced analytics accessible to organisations as a whole, data science software maker Dataiku has released Dataiku 4.1. (more…)

Shane Eleniak of Calix

Calix AXOS accelerates past 100 Gfast service provider deployments

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Calix, Inc. announced it has accelerated past the 100 service provider deployment milestone for its AXOS Gfast solutions faster than any other vendor. Armed with Calix AXOS Gfast solutions, which simplify the delivery of new services, service providers globally are cost-effectively upgrading their offerings to a true symmetrical gigabit experience (more…)

Antonio Pietri of AspenTech

BP Partners with AspenTech to improve operations through technology

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Aspen Technology, Inc., the asset optimisation software company, announced that BP, one of the provider of integrated oil and gas companies, has renewed its license agreement for aspenONE® Engineering, a market suite of products focused on process engineering and optimisation, and aspenONE® Manufacturing and Supply Chain, a suite of process operations and supply chain software. (more…)


Cost effective complete “One-Stop-Shop” passive RFID solution announced

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PervasID, the RFID technology company, announces a complete single source solution that can detect, read and monitor RFID tags with the highest levels of accuracy (99%+). This allows goods to be tracked throughout their retail journey through warehouses or DCs, (more…)

Huawei booth in the Smart City ExpoWorld Congress 2017

Smart City Nervous System created by Huawei for more than 100 cities with leading new ICT

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Huawei is participating in the Smart City Expo World Congress 2017 (SCEWC) in Barcelona under the theme of “Leading New ICT, Creating a Smart City Nervous System”. This highlights how a Smart City can be like a living organism that works seamlessly to continuously learn and enhance the city’s services. (more…)

Asaf Ashkenazi of Rambus

Internet of Things: it’s time to safeguard our future

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are set to revolutionise the way we live, work and play. Everyday items in the home will be connected in unprecedented ways and tasks traditionally carried out by humans will be replaced by automation and robotics. (more…)


Gemalto and Huawei claim a ‘cost-effective’ narrowband solution for mass market IoT

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To help device manufacturers meet a growing demand for long-lasting low-power NarrowBand (NB) IoT modules, Gemalto and Huawei – via its semiconductor arm, HiSilicon – are working together to develop the next generation of modules that combine an extra level of security and consume very low power. (more…)

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