AI ‘bubble burst’ will clear the air for sustained growth in key sectors, says Rethink Research

The AI bubble is due to burst after several years of sustained hype have generated unrealistic expectations that cannot be met and excessive investments that cannot possibly be paid back. (more…)

AlienVault expands USM anywhere to include endpoint detection and response capabilities

AlienVault, a provider of Unified Security Management (USM) and crowdsourced threat intelligence, has announced the general availability of Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) capabilities in USM Anywhere. (more…)

Disrupt or die? Start with the fundamentals

Your digital strategy must be driven by a clear understanding of the customer’s needs and the way your products relate to them. Digital transformation doesn’t require a radical rethink of a business model that previously brought success (more…)

Endpoints are most vulnerable aspect of industrial IoT: Sans survey reveals confusion over security

Organisations hold disparate and unrealistic views on protecting the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), in which endpoints are considered to be the most vulnerable aspects, despite confusion over what actually constitutes an endpoint. (more…)