Hand-to-hand combat among the surprises at Economist Innovation Summit, as delegates urged to augment not replace human skills

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It was inevitable that the technology du jour, artificial intelligence (AI) dominated opening exchanges at today’s Economist Innovation Summit (#EconInnov). And for those – like me, admits Jeremy Cowan – who believed that AI is still mostly a series of chatbots and pilot projects there was an early wake-up call. (more…)

Are you covered? Why are businesses ignoring the need to be insured when it comes to cyber security breaches?

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Only a third of organisations in the UK have company insurance that covers them for a cyber security breach and for the financial impact of data loss. This compares to 40% globally, according to figures from NTT Security’s latest Risk:Value report, (more…)

Moxa building cybersecurity partnerships for smart rail

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Rapid urbanisation is continuing to significantly increase the demand for rail transport not only in metropolitan areas but also for cross-nation transportation. (more…)

Cool IoT Use Cases: Intelligent shipping containers on the Silk Road

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Market overview

Goods being transported from China to Europe still travel the ancient Silk Road trade routes. The Chinese government has recognised the importance of these routes, for example by employing intelligent shipping containers. (more…)

This is fog: autonomous mapping robots in action at Fog World Congress 2018

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When you arrive at Fog World Congress 2018, watch out for the robots. Autonomous mapping robots will be traversing and mapping the venue floor in real-time for conference attendees. (more…)

Research report on IoT data standards for the smart built environment released by Georgia Tech Internet of Things centre

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The Georgia Institute of Technology’s Centre for the development and application of Internet of Things Technologies (CDAIT) has released a research report titled “Foundational Research in Integrated Building – Internet of Things (IoT) Data Standards”. (more…)

Machine learning the solution to networking problems

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Computers can now learn to solve networking problems for themselves, a study from the University of Waterloo has found.


AI chipsets, solving current and future industry problems

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Semiconductors power the electronically pervasive modern world. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is destined to support a vast number of technologies ranging from self-driving vehicles to social media analytics. The combination of AI with semiconductors represents a logical next step for silicon providers to embed AI into virtually anything that requires a processor says the author Gerry Christensen, founder and CEO of Mind Commerce. (more…)

mozaiq expands Egardia alarm system connected to smart bulbs to simulate presence

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Home security specialist Egardia has joined the mozaiq market to offer its smart security solutions. This means the alarm systems and (more…)

Cool IoT Use Cases: Keeping passengers moving in Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

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Market overview

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) expects 7.2 billion passengers to travel in 2035, a near doubling of the 3.8 billion figure for 2016. Airports need to be prepared not only for the continuous increase in passenger numbers, but also their demands. (more…)

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