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Transatel and G+D sign with Scania to provide trucks with machine-to-machine connectivity worldwide

December 5, 2018

Posted by: Anasia D'mello

Transatel and Giesecke+Devrient Mobile Security (G+D) are partnering to enable Scania’s embedded telematics units with global connectivity.

Scania already provides its customers with a telematics service but is now going one step further, as it is looking to deploy worldwide. In this context, Scania needed a fully eUICC-compliant solution (provided by G+D), supported by a global, flexible and secure technical platform (provided by Transatel). Transatel will offer Scania competitive data prices worldwide, as well their core value proposition for all IoT players: a one-time integration for a global deployment.

Global cellular connectivity for M2M

Thanks to global connectivity, and to the comprehensive connectivity management platform, Scania will be able to offer its telematics services consistently around the world: services such as fleet management, remote control, predictive maintenance and over-the-air software updates. At one end, Scania will be able to better optimise the operational costs of its fleets engaged in leasing contracts. At the other end, Scania’s customers will be able to benefit from smart connected services and manage their own fleets with better efficiency.

The global data MVNO approach: a single integration

Transatel provides Scania with its international Mobile Network Operator profile (the MNC 901-37). This profile, combined with agreements with over 140 local operators worldwide, ensures the best prices for data wherever the trucks are sold, and with no additional network integration costs. Scania’s telematics services will be therefore be deployed as a turnkey solution, in countries spanning five continents, all thanks to a single integration.

The solution deployed for Scania’s telematics services is also re-usable for the truck manufacturer’s other projects, in which trucks will be generating and exchanging different types of data flows. Transatel’s versatile platform allows for a variety of projects and SIM usages to be operated within the same account and environment, all true to the original integration framework.

Security specific to the automotive sector

Security being one of the major concerns for any truck manufacturer, Transatel further guarantees connectivity security via a private APN and secure authentication. The solution presents built-in, end-to-end security mechanisms compliant with connected car and remote-control services standards.

Technically, the profiles are stored in Transatel’s SM-DP hosted by G+D Mobile Security and are transferred to the G+D eSIM via the Scania SM-SR platform, also hosted and operated by G+D Mobile Security. Technical integration and initial implementation is to be achieved before end of 2018, thanks to an efficient collaboration between Scania, Transatel, and G+D.

Philippe Vigneau, Transatel VP of Business Development: “We’ve greatly enjoyed designing the ideal solution with Giesecke+Devrient for the Scania teams, who understand the value that we bring to the automotive market. We’re grateful for the opportunity to prove that we’re one of the very few telecom companies today truly able to take on global connected car projects, thanks to the mobile operator-agnostic nature of our solution. We’re looking forward to an even greater partnership with Scania.”

Alois Kliner, head of the Digital Enterprise Security Division at G+D Mobile Security, adds: “With this project, we are capitalising on the potential of Transatel’s global coverage in combination with G+D’s leading eSIM management technology to deliver flexible connectivity solutions for connected trucks.”

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