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Zscaler extends cloud DLP service with inline exact data match for massive data sets covering users globally

October 23, 2018

Posted by: Anasia D'mello

Steve House of Zscaler

Zscaler Inc, a cloud security provider, has announced inline Exact Data Match (EDM) with native SSL inspection as part of its advanced Cloud Data Loss Prevention (DLP) service.

The inline EDM capability extends the Zscaler cloud platform to protect against the loss of sensitive information across all users and branches with more precision, while reducing the number of false positives to near zero. This service is provided in the Zscaler cloud, providing the capacity of one billion data points per customer across 100 data centres globally.

Traditional DLP appliances that sit in the data centre are expensive and resource-intensive, and their protection can be subpar, often failing to alert an organisation until after data has been compromised. Zscaler’s inline EDM with native SSL inspection blocks sensitive information before it leaves the network.

In the first half of 2018, the Zscaler cloud platform blocked an average of 800,000 SSL-encrypted transactions per day containing advanced threats. Zscaler EDM with native SSL inspection and policy enforcement secures all application and user traffic, providing enhanced security and a business advantage.

“IT organisations need better visibility into potential risks of data leakage with granular control and actionable outcomes,” said Steve House, VP of product management, Zscaler. “With the addition of EDM, our customers, in real time, can more precisely identify and protect sensitive information that could potentially leave their network — keeping the good things in, and the bad things out.”

Inline inspection and enforcement

Inline inspection and enforcement are critical for acting quickly to block data from leaving the organisation without affecting the user experience. With Zscaler DLP, EDM provides inline inspection of all network traffic, whether users are on or off the network, increasing the accuracy of data loss incidents and nearly eliminating false positives. EDM with native SSL inspection and policy enforcement secures all application and user traffic, providing enhanced security and greater visibility.

Capacity of the Zscaler cloud

Because of the scalability of the Zscaler cloud, customers can fingerprint and match up to a billion cells of data at any time. We believe other solutions are limited by performance constraints due to the resource-intensive nature of the technology.

Granular policy control

With EDM and highly customisable policies, Zscaler Cloud DLP can detect and stop the transfer of an exact match to a particular record to unauthorised parties or services. This technique eliminates false positives and thus improves both security posture as well as administrator productivity.

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