TinMan RealTime is an immensely versatile and powerful application used for real-time monitor, control and/or automation of local or remote system(s) with any number of sensors. These systems can either be passive (only send sensor data and not respond to commands), or active (where they send sensor data and respond mechanically to commands). 

Real-to-life gauges and charts can be assigned to intuitively visualize live sensor values and administer system commands. Add buttons and controls to send custom commands to systems. Multiple passive and active systems, local or remote, can be continuously and simultaneously monitored and controlled in real-time. Use RealTime with TinMan AI Builder for "Intelligent LIVE Control" to process and automate control of intelligent external systems – all in real-time.

Key Features

Connecting to Embedded Systems

Easy-to-use System Connection Wizards for Incoming Data

Automatic Parsing and Manual Data Parsing Templates

Multiple Simultaneous Connections – Test multiple systems same time

Connections Supported: USB/COM, Internet/UDP, CSV/TEXT

Visualizing Live Sensor Data

Column, bar, line, gauges, ranged values, text, transparent and other types of charts

Customizable Chart Templates

Multiple Tabs for Limitless Viewing Space

Analysis thru Thresholds / Range Tests

Recording Live Sensor Data

Sensor Data Logger – Format Outgoing Data, Insert Timestamp & Sample Number
Automatic Single Click Raw Data Record, Direct to local CSV file

Controlling Embedded Systems

Easy-to-use System Connection Wizards for Outgoing Commands / Data

Import or Create Limitless Number of Custom Commands for Sending

Assign Commands to Buttons, Levers and Controls for Asynchronous Send

Building and deploying embedded systems is a time-consuming, expensive and iterative process.

Selecting the right microcontroller platform, sensors and mechanical elements requires repeated and continuous testing, redesign and testing. Making the best decisions and tuning the system for optimum performance takes time and money.

Efficiency is key to keeping these costs to a minimum.
To be efficient, you must be able to quickly and easily connect to your embedded system to view and analyze sensor data, record data and control the system – without expensive hardware, complex mathematical software, nor sending your data to a 3rd party IoT hub just to view sensor data, live on your desktop.

TinMan RealTime is a powerful windows-based software application with an intuitive interface and multi-threaded bi-directional based messaging architecture, for connecting to external embedded and mobile systems via the Internet and USB/COM.


Technical Specification

Requires Windows 7 or later

Standard system PC requirements




Interface » Type of Inputs / Outputs » Digital
Interface » Type of Inputs / Outputs » Analog