TinMan Systems provides a robust and powerful multi-threaded Desktop IoT connectivity and software development platform that allows rapid embedded systems prototyping, design and connectivity. TinMan RealTime allows embedded systems developers to CONNECT, VISUALIZE, RECORD and CONTROL embedded devices during the development process. TInMan AI Builder allows integration of autonomous decision making into these systems.

The TinMan Desktop IoT and AI Development Platform lets you visually build, simulate, test and integrate intelligent systems into applications for deployment across PC and embedded devices and systems. With our flagship application, AI Builder at its core, and TinMan RealTime to interface, the foundation of applications provides the developer or scientist with the framework and services necessary to get at, visualize and process live sensor data while at the same time building and interacting with the actual intelligent engine which is simultaneously controlling the system. 

The platform provides the computing components and resources to connect with and control virtual or physical systems. This enables an extremely efficient approach / methodology that significantly reduces time and cost in development and deployment of intelligent systems.

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TinMan Systems, Inc.
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TinMan Systems
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TinMan RealTime
TinMan RealTime
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TinMan RealTime
TinMan RealTime

Desktop IoT for Embedded Systems Development - Short video showing overview of core functionality of TinMan RealTime - Connect, Visualize, Record and Control. Go to: to download a trial and connect with your embedded device today.

TinMan RealTime Examples
TinMan RealTime Examples

Desktop IoT with TinMan RealTime showing new Sensor Data Logging Controls, Variable Command Value Sliders for Motor and Servo control, Tabbed dailogs, Graphics, etc..,