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IoT has become complex… Many companies have been implementing new technology next to the old, and have ended up with several isolated IoT device and connectivity management solutions. This reduces operational efficiency, increases costs and slows down business growth.

Many companies aim to launch new IoT products fast but instead end up with a long time to market and large investments due to complex IoT technologies.

Teleena provides companies a unique way to simplify their existing IoT management by aggregating all devices and connections onto a single management portal, regardless of which management platform and network they are connected to.

To speed up the time to revenue for new IoT products, Teleena offers end-to-end IoT capabilities straight from the cloud. Companies can simply plug the global IoT on their products and launch fast without large technology investments.

Teleena’s IoT ecosystem provides companies the world’s easiest way for IoT hardware development! Companies can take the advantage of pre-integrated horizontal hardware platforms, common reference designs, and vertical off-the-shelf products, which automatically connect to the global management cloud anywhere in the world.

Teleena is a global IoT and Mobility enabler based in the Netherlands, with regional offices in Serbia and Singapore. Founded in 2007, Teleena has helped many companies worldwide to achieve IoT and Mobile success by setting them free from the complex aspects of technology. Teleena does this by fully managing the operational side of a business, as well as by simplifying the technology. We help customers monetize their efforts while they grow their business. This way, they can focus on what matters the most: their core business and how they want to approach the market without any limitations.

Teleena’s MVNE services allow customers to be as creative as they want within the mobile marketplace by providing a flexible platform that makes anything possible. We have developed autonomous products and value-added services, so M(V)NOs can quickly adjust their strategy or adapt to the market anytime, without delays or disrupting their existing business. Teleena provides customers with high-quality services that fit their limited start-up costs, so they can grow their customer base by allocating their budget where it’s needed the most — developing and executing a strong marketing strategy.

Teleena also offers customers unique IoT services. Teleena unleashes the full power of IoT by managing the boring aspects of technology and reimagining it in new ways. Basically, Teleena simplifies things so our customers can concentrate on their core business, instead of managing IoT technologies. We help tear down isolated IoT management issues by connecting all devices to a single portal through any wireless network, anywhere in the world. By removing the silos, our customers can streamline operations, reduce costs and focus on their business development.

In 2017, Tata Communications Limited bought a 35% minority stake in Teleena, which further expanded our existing partnership. As a strategic shareholder, Tata provides new growth opportunities for Teleena in both the MVNE and IoT markets. This means Teleena’s customers can take advantage of our expanded solutions and additional capabilities. For more information, please visit:

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