IoT Services

What is it?

The Waylay IoT Aggregation cloud provides a ready-made flexible integration framework that you can use to aggregate and integrate your multiple IoT, IT and cloud data sources. It gives you a holistic view over the entire population of your smart products by providing you with a single visualisation dashboard for your data, independent of device vendors.

What does it do?

It has open interfaces for data analysis - by aggregating data across all your supported smart solutions and exposing it to third party BI and analytics tools, you can easily tap into your big data to get valuable new insights about user behaviour and other relevant metrics.

By leveraging the Waylay IoT aggregation cloud’s built-in powerful rules engine, you can immediately operationalize your big data insights and turn intelligence into action. The Waylay rules engine enables you to automate across the different IoT solutions that you need to work with and with your enterprise IT and cloud services.

As the Waylay IoT aggregation cloud is API-exposed, you can easily create customized user experiences on top of it, be they business or consumer oriented.

Who is it for?

For companies that work with different smart products from different vendors (this can be white goods, home automation products, fitness and health trackers, etc.) together with different digital services and who want to connect them in an easy, automated and scalable way in order to introduce new services for customers.

Examples of such companies are retailers, service providers, utility companies, health & wellness providers, smart device vendors and many more

  • Orchestration across IoT verticals --> Create composite applications by breaking down silos

  • Integrate with custom enterprise back-ends and cloud applications --> create more customer and operational value by connecting IoT to IT

  • Powerful rules & automation engine --> move beyond threshold crossing into real automation

  • Real-time stream processing --> put your analytics model to work for monitoring, fault management, optimization or predictive maintenance

  • Enable multi-user applications leveraging a powerful API --> share IoT data with your customers and partners to leverage IoT’s power beyond your organizational boundaries

  • Enterprise-grade security --> data privacy and security for you and your customers