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IoT-X award winning agile connectivity management platform for enterprise & MNO's seeking to manage subscriptions, data routing, business logic, unified billing for all types of IOT Connectivity, including cellular, satellite & LPWAN - including LoRa WAN.

Stream Technologies, headquartered in the UK but with a presence in the USA, is the company behind IoT-X. IoT-X is an agile/API based Connectivity Enablement, Monitoring, Billing and Rules Based Decision Making platform built for IoT.

Designed for all operators of Cellular, Satellite & Low Power Wide Area networks (incl LoRaWAN), IoT-X is offered as a Platform as a Service (PaaS) and is fast becoming recognised as the most innovative PaaS in IoT. IoT-X offers low cost, low risk, high functionality for connectivity management, resulting in fast time to market, with support from one of the most experienced technical and operational teams in IoT.

Stream can also provide via its UK MVNO operation superlative 2G & 4G in the UK and Europe, as well as unsteered roaming connectivity globally.  It is able to provide LTE in the USA.  The company has integrated IoT-X with Morpho Flex to enable eSim capability on a global basis.

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