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7Layers is an international group of engineering and test centers, supporting industries using wireless technologies with locations in USA, Germany, S.Korea, China, Taiwan, Japan. 7Layers develops services and products for requirements management, verification and validation.  We are experts for wireless technologies which include LTE, HSPA, W-CDMA, GSM-family, Bluetooth, W-LAN, GPS, WiFi, NFC, MirrorLink, JAVA, TETRA etc.

Manufacturers all over the world and from a large variety of industries rely on our experience in international type approval, operator approval, PTCRB and GCF certification. Our InterLab Software System provides us and our partners with an efficient platform for the development of highly automated test solutions, test laboratory management tools and web portals. 7Layers helps its clients to ensure that their products and services are in accordance with the complex requirements of a smarter world.


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Conformance testing, Antenna integration, Interoperability & Field Testing, Antenna testing, Certification, Module integration, Type Approval, Test Systems for wireless products, Test Lab Management Software System, M2M product development support, Bluetooth Certification, LTE Testing,

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