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Smart PlantOne is a monitoring system for the implementation of predictive maintenance programs within your company. In fact, it enable the implementation of an intelligent and connected factory, following the Industry 4.0 guidelines. The system allows the control the industrial plants in a pervasive manner, given the excellent value-for-money, increasing the safety and efficiency within the manufacturing facilities.

Smart PlantOne is designed to detect the health status of machineries and facilities by measuring added value parameters, thus providing the possibility to prevent failures, reduce downtime, increase the safety and promote "best practices" in the workplace . The system is composed by various types of connected sensors (vibration, contact temperature, temperature and humidity of the air and the ground, various types of gas, pressure, and flooding), an interoperable gateway, easily integrable with the business packages based on the Cloud technology.

New Generation Sensors S.r.l. (NGS) is an Italian start-up company established in 2015, spin-off of Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna (SSSA). NGS has strong expertise in the development of advanced wireless systems following the Internet of Things vision. NGS is currently focusing its efforts on the development of smart solution toward the Factory 4.0, continuing the path started with the ENEL Smart Plant order that has permitted the deployment of 100 NGS sensors within the Federico II power plant in Brindisi (Italy). Finally, NGS is working on different scenarios: Smart Agriculture (shown at the Ericsson Innovation Day), Smart City and ITSs (a prototype of the proposed Logistics 4.0 experiment was shown at the 2016 ETSI plugtest in Livorno).

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