Subsidiary of Four-Faith Comunication Technology Co., Ltd., Four-Faith Smart Power Technology Co.,Ltd. focus on Providing Smart Grid Solution for the world wide. 

Combined with the latest industrial IOT technology,  Four-Faith Smart Power Technology Co.,Ltd. offers a series of solutions including Overhead Line and Underground Short Circuit & Earth Fault Indicator, Feeder Terminal Unit (FTU) Automation Solution, Intelligent MV & LV switchgear Monitoring Solution, Power Distribution Substation Monitoring.    Taking advantage of  its years of experience in the M2M industries,  Four-Faith Smart Power Team self-design and self-produce a series of intelligent products for Smart Grid Solution, such as remote fault indicator, smart power measuring meter, electric grade cellular IP modem etc.

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to 10000000
Connectivity providers - Wireless, Fixed Line, Satellite, (M)VNO

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Four-Faith Smart Power Technology Co.,Ltd
Floor 11, Area A06, No 370, chengyi

Andy Lau
Marketing Director
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Four-faith F2X16 Serial To Cellular IP MODEM Dattasheet
Four-Faith F2X16 Serial To Cellular IP MODEM User Manual
Four-faith F2920D Management System User Manual
Four-faith F2920D Multiple Connection Terminal Datasheet
Four-faith F2920D Multiple Connection Terminal User Manual
DJX-FF-C Cable Line Fault Indicator
Four-Faith DYX-FF Remote Cable Line Fault Indicator Datasheet
Four-faith JJZ-FF-C Overhead Fault Indicator Datasheet
JYZ-FF Datasheet-Remote Overhead Fault Indicator-FourFaith
F1X03 Series Modem Technical Specification
F1103 GPRS Modem Specification
F1103 GPRS Modem User Manual
F1203 CDMA Modem Specification
F1203 CDMA Modem User Manual
F1403 WCDMA&HSDPA&HSUPA Modem Specification
F1403 WCDMA&HSDPA&HSUPA Modem User Manual
F2X03 Series IP Modem Technical Specification
F2X03 Series IP Modem User Manual V2.0.1
F2103 GPRS IP Modem Specification
F2103 GPRS IP Modem User Manual
F2113 GPRS IP Modem Specification
F2113 GPRS IP Modem User Manual
F2203 CDMA IP Modem Specification
F2203 CDMA IP Modem User Manual
F2403 WCDMA&HSDPA&HSUPA IP Modem Specification
F2403 WCDMA&HSDPA&HSUPA IP Modem User Manual
F2X14 Series IP Modem Technical Specification V2.0.1
F2X14 Series IP Modem User Manual V2.0.1
F2X64 RTU Series Technical Specification V2.0.0
F2X64 RTU Series User Manual V2.0.0
F3X26 Series Router User Manual
F3126 GPRS WIFI Router Specification
F3226 CDMA WIFI Router Specification
F3426 WCDMA&HSDPA&HSUPA&HSPA WIFI Router Specification
F3826 LTE&WCDMA WIFI Router Specification
F3X27 Series Router User Manual
F3127 GPRS Router Specification
F3227 CDMA Router Specification
F3427 WCDMA Router Specification
F3827 LTE&WCDMA Router Specification
F3X36 Series Router User Manual
F3436 WCDMA&HSDPA&HSUPA&HSPA WIFI Router Specification
F3836 LTE&WCDMA WIFI Router Specification
F3X46 Series Router User Manual
F3446 WCDMA Dual-SIM WIFI Router Specification
F3846 LTE&WCDMA Dual-SIM WIFI Router Specification
F7X14 Series IP Modem Technical Specification V2.0.0
F7X14 Series IP Modem User Manual V2.0.0
F7X36 Series Router Technical Specification V2.0.0
F7X36 Series Router User Manual V2.0.0
F7X46 Series Router Technical Specification V2.0.0
F7X46 Series Router User Manual V2.0.0
F2910 Series NB-IoT Terminal Technical Specification V1.0.0
F2910 Series NB-IoT Terminal User Manual V1.0.0
F-DPU100 Distributed Processing Unit Technical Specification V1.
F-DPU100 Interface Protocol Converter User Manual V1.0.0
F-DVR200 Datasheet--Digital Video Recorder--FourFaith
F-DVR200 Platform Manual--Digital Video Recorder--FourFaith
F-DVR200 User Manual--Digital Video Recorder--FourFaith
F-IPC100 Industrial Computer Technical Specification V2.0.0
F-IPC110 Industrial Computer TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION V2.0.0
F-PM100 Datasheet--Multifunction Power Meter--Fourfaith
F-PM100 Datasheet--Smart Power Meter--Fourfaith
F-PM100 User Manual--Multifunction Power Meter--Four-Faith
F-R100 Datasheet--Industrial Router--FourFaith
F-R100 User Manual--Industrial Router--FourFaith
F-R200 Datasheet--Industrial Router--FourFaith
F-R200 User Manual--Industrial Router--FourFaith