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EBDS is a French company based in the high tech valley of Grenoble with a large assortment of wireless solutions, a purpose: highly satisfy our customers, a technical expertise and a range of high-quality partners.

EBDS is offering a large range of industrial wireless communication solutions.

EBDS acts as representative and distributor for companies manufacturing UHF and VHF radio modems, Microwave links, antennas, WiFi-WiMax-WiMesh infrastructure, M2M routers and devices, embedded Antennas, embedded modules and other wireless devices and softwares.

We operate mainly in France, Belgium and Switzerland but also in some other European and African countries. We have thousands of contacts in sectors like Industrial Automation, Transport, M2M, SCADA, IT Wireless Infrastructure, Smart Metering, Oil&Gas, Energy and Water Management.

We represent companies like 1Gate, Sierra Wireless, Antonics, Racom, NimWave, Atim, Sirio, Siretta, Prosoft or Panorama Antennas.

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Protocoles LPWAN
Protocoles LPWAN

What are the protocoles LPWAN or LPWA currently on the market ? Do they have a future in the Internet of Things’ expansion ? What are the characteristics, stakes and perspectives for Sigfox and LoRa ? What are the contributors or externes factors that bring about major choices ? To discover the forecasted scenarios for the future of the IoT based on three business cases, check out the english version of the video made by EBDS in collaboration with ATIM.