Innovative device solutions for the Industrial Internet of Things.

Our device solutions enable system integrators and developers of Industrial Internet of Things applications, to bring their products to market more quickly and at a lower cost. 

We do this by providing a device subsystem that consists of physical devices and a Connection Manager, which provides remote device configuration and management, security, equipment control, and sensor data collection and integrity; while maximising communications uptime. 

Sixis take away the pain of collecting high quality, consistent sensor data, leaving you to focus on delivering your Industrial IoT application.

New White Paper Released

When progressing from proof of concept to the development of a robust, commercially deployable industrial IoT application, developers and system integrators will face a range of challenges in assuring the quality of data necessary for success. The edge devices, deployed as part of the end-to-end solution, are core to successfully managing these challenges.   Sixis has released a must read white paper that outlines the ten key design criteria that developers and system integrators should consider when assessing edge devices, to assure high quality data, and successfully deploy industrial IoT applications.

Access the white paper -> Ten key design criteria to assure high quality data in industrial IoT applications

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