The Global ManuChem Strategies

January 13, 2023

Posted by: IoT global network

Event date: March 12-14, 2023
Berlin, Germany

The Global ManuChem Strategies is the calendar event for all chemical manufacturers in Europe and will be taking place for the on March 12 -14, 2023 in Berlin, Germany. It is the Europe’s leading knowledge exchange platform bringing together production, SCM & engineering leaders who are responsible for process optimization, lean manufacturing and business strategy in their companies. The event provides with precise insights into new business prospects and strategies while offering the chance to discuss specific roadmaps for chemical manufacturing.

150+ influential experts will share their expertise through 20+ interactive sessions, including Case Studies, Challenge Your Peers sessions, Icebreaker sessions and World Cafés. At Global ManuChem Strategies 2023, we will gather thought leaders of chemical manufacturing to share their opinion and approaches, discuss best practices and strive for continuous improvement.

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