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Smartrac partners with Honk to launch the “future of parking”

June 12, 2019

Posted by: Anasia D'mello

Smartrac, a global provider of RFID technology and solutions, partners with Honk Mobile, a technology company that is reshaping the future of parking by enabling the fastest and most convenient customer experience with the virtual parking metre, HonkTAP. Smartrac is supplying Honk with its customised ‘Block On-Metal’ NFC tags, providing best-in-class products and tapping functionality.

HonkTAP is a groundbreaking innovation in parking – Instead of paying for parking using traditional parking machines which are known to experience vandalism, periods of downtime and lineups, consumers can simply tap their smartphone on any Honk signage, enabled by Smartrac’s Block On-Metal NFC tags, and pay for parking in seconds with no app download or user registration required.

The signage can be as simple as a sticker on a parking metre or as robust as integrated signage or a standalone structure. HonkTAP provides a seamless 2-click payment process by fully leveraging Apple Pay and the underlying NFC functionality of smartphones. Android users get the same great experience of HonkTAP via Google Pay, PayPal and all major credit cards.

Latest technology for the ultimate parking experience at the point of payment

Smartrac’s high-quality NFC technology comes into play by triggering the point of payment; consumers tap their smartphone on a HonkTAP parking sign or structure that contains a secure and reliable NFC tag, which works flawlessly on metallic and other surfaces thanks to its design and form factor.

To meet all application and product requirements, Smartrac has specifically developed its Block On-Metal NFC tags to meet Honk’s needs for maximum read range and user convenience. Equipped with NXP’s SLIX2 ICs which feature optimised tuning for on-metal surfaces, Block On-Metal NFC tags enable best-in-class tapping distances as defined by NFC standards.

To complete the ultimate Tap-to-Pay experience, Smartrac’s longtime market partner WS Packaging converted the NFC tags into customised printed stickers and labels. The finished products can be attached to a variety of surfaces and virtually anywhere in the parking area, providing a wide range of places to pay and hence maximum convenience for consumers.

First major parking service fully leveraging Apple Pay

With the Tap-to-Pay application, enhanced consumer experience and embedded NFC technology, HonkTAP is the first major parking service fully leveraging Apple Pay’s payment service.

“HonkTAP is a game changer for the parking industry,” said Michael Back, Honk founder & CEO. “When building out the new product, a priority for us was finding the best-in-class NFC technology partner that would meet the needs of our operators and consumers. Smartrac has stepped up with a superior product that we are thrilled to incorporate into all of our signage. There’s no question its NFC tags’ read range and form factor are top of the line and complement our technology in the launch of HonkTAP.”

“We are very proud of our partnership with Honk, and at the same time are well positioned to be the cross-industry leader when it comes to practical usage of NFC technologies,” said Amir Mobayen, president Transponder Division and chief revenue officer at Smartrac.

“As the market demand for NFC-enabled products is growing exponentially, our uniquely designed NFC products are readily available to effectively support and help our customers to realise market innovations such as Tap-to-Pay already today. Moreover, we will continue to be fully dedicated to customer success and innovative strength with our product design, quality and time to market.”

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