Cool IoT Use Cases: New security mechanisms for networked cars

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Market overview

Trans icons ind.qxp_Layout 1Vehicles are employing software updates as well as an increasing number of on-board systems and sensors that communicate with each other. (more…)

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Kyocera to build a new plant in Kagoshima, Japan, for ceramic microelectronic packages

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Kyocera Corporation announced that it will construct a new manufacturing plant on the premises of its Kagoshima Sendai manufacturing complex to increase production of ceramic microelectronic packages. (more…)


Emotion recognition and sentiment analysis market to reach $3.8bn by 2025, says Tractica

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Significant advances have been made during the past few years in the ability of artificial intelligence (AI) systems to recognise and analyse human emotion and sentiment, owing in large part to accelerated access to data (primarily social media feeds and digital video), cheaper compute power, and evolving deep learning capabilities (more…)


Farnell element14 now stocking KEMET KC-LINK capacitors for fast switching wide bandgap semiconductor applications

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Farnell element14, The Development Distributor, now stocks KC-LINK Surface Mount Capacitors from KEMET, manufacturers of advanced capacitors and components. KEMET’s KC-LINK surface mount capacitors are designed to meet the growing demand for fast switching semiconductors that operate at a higher voltage, (more…)


Taoglas and Adant launch software-defined antenna to drive 100% increase in throughput coverage

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Taoglas, a provider of IoT and automotive antenna and RF solutions, in partnership with Adant, a provider of smart antenna technology, at Mobile World Congress 2018 announced the launch of Taoglas Shift, a software-defined antenna system that changes the economics of next-generation wireless networks by extending coverage and increasing throughput by up to 100%. (more…)

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Cool IoT Use Cases : Intelligent logistics solutions that address critical fleet management issues

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Fleet management solutions are increasingly leveraging the functionality of real-time IIoT platforms, one example being the consolidation of logistics data generated by different telematics systems. (more…)

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Autonomy enters park assist systems to raise convenience and parking efficiency

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Enhanced park assist systems are now being developed to enable the vehicle to park itself without requiring the driver to be present in the cabin. First deployments of remote park assist aim to park the vehicle where there is insufficient room for the driver to open the door. (more…)

Asha Keddy of Intel

One small step for 5G, one giant step for wireless

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Today marks a momentous milestone for the wireless industry: the finalisation of the 3GPP Non-Standalone (NSA) 5G New Radio (NR) Standard. The formalisation of the NSA standard anchors the coming Standalone (SA) version and represents a remarkable step forward for the industry. (more…)

Landon Garner of Taoglas

Landon Garner joins Taoglas as chief marketing officer

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Taoglas, a provider of IoT and Automotive antenna products, announced the appointment of Landon Garner to the newly created position of chief marketing officer (CMO). As CMO, Garner is tasked with growing awareness of Taoglas’ global presence, and will oversee all aspects of brand communications, product strategy and marketing, and demand generation. (more…)

David Parker, senior analystBeecham Research

Ockham’s electric razor

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Just to make clear that this is not a blog about shaving! William of Ockham did not invent the electric razor, being born in the late 13th century left him about 700 years short of a mains socket, says David Parker, senior analyst, Beecham Research. (more…)

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