Kickstarter campaign for potted plants’ smart assistant launched by Grovio

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Techware, Inc. is launching the Grovio product – a personal assistant for house plants. “People have important things to get done every day, and it shouldn’t affect defenseless and vulnerable plants.” – Oleksandr Ivanov, founder of Techware.

Taking care of indoor plants can turn into a difficult task, especially in the case of being away on trips, maxed out vacation plans, or just the general forgetfulness of the owner of the flowerpots.

The GROVIO team has found the solution to all this. The smart device adjusts the watering as required by the plants’ needs.

Grovio waters up to 3 house plants individually, while continuously monitoring their health. Easy to use and aesthetically pleasing, it will be a beautiful addition to any home interior. It uses a home Wi-Fi connection and stores all data in a secured cloud. The owner may leave their flowers unattended for 45 days, by having fully remote control of all plants connected to Grovio via the smartphone app.

Now a plant can talk to his/her owner, when environmental conditions, such as air humidity, temperature or light intensity deviate from their recommended values for a particular plant. It may request the user’s attention from anywhere in the world via the smartphone application with recommended actions i.e. change watering, turn the lights on, change air temperature or humidity with AI assistants like Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, Google Home and more.

The Kickstarter Campaign began on 23rd of May 2017. Pre-orders will be available at a discount price from $99, while the retail price is starting from $149.

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